18650 lithium ion batteries provide a versatile power source for devices

28 Sep, 2022

By hqt

18650 lithium ion battery

What are 18650 lithium ion batteries?

The 18650 battery, which is slightly bigger than an AA battery and has dimensions of 18 mm by 65 mm, is a type of lithium-ion cell. The regular power supply for many electronic devices is an 18650 battery, which is rechargeable. One of the most common battery kinds on the market right now is the 18650 lithium ion batteries. They are found in many gadgets, including electric cars and laptops. Their tremendous energy density is just one of the numerous factors contributing to their appeal. Lithium-ion, a type of rechargeable battery, is the material used to make 18650 batteries. 

Facts of 18650 lithium ion battery:

A standard option for many electronic products, 18650 lithium ion batteries have several benefits over other battery types. Although they are compact and light, 18650 batteries are strong and durable. Additionally, they can be recharged, which makes them practical and affordable.

  • Excellent safety performance: 

The 18650 Lithium Ion Battery has excellent high-temperature performance, discharge efficiency reaches 100% at 65 degrees, is non-toxic, non-polluting, and has received the RoHS trademark certification. It also has excellent safety performance, no explosion or burning, and is non-toxic and non-burning. The 18650 lithium battery has divided positive and negative electrodes to prevent battery short circuits. The likelihood of a short-circuit phenomenon has thus been drastically decreased. A protective board can be fitted to stop the battery from being overcharged and discharged, which can also increase the battery's useful life. 

  • Easy to install:

These lithium-ion batteries can be utilized as drop-in rechargeable cells at 3.7V and have a capacity of 1800mAh or 2000mAh. These batteries have traditionally been used in flashlight-type applications. This is a fantastic alternative for those who require a battery that is easy to install and change and has a lot of power. 

  • Large capacity and long lifespan:

The cycle life of a 18650 Lithium Ion Battery can reach more than 500 times under typical use, which is more than twice as long as that of regular batteries. The standard lithium-ion battery capacity ranges from 1200 to 3600 mph, and the average battery capacity is only 800 mah. However, if many 18650 lithium batteries are coupled to create a battery pack, the 18650 battery pack has a power that may easily surpass 5000 mah.

  • Combining a series connection with lower resistance:

Several connections can be built with these batteries. You can create a battery pack by connecting multiple units in parallel or series. To power, bulky tools and machinery are done. Simply arranging these cells next to or on top of one another is all that is necessary. Compared to conventional liquid cells, these cells' internal resistance is smaller. The resistance can be lower than 35m. This increases the standby duration for many gadgets, like cell phones, and slows down the battery pack's self-discharge rate.

  • Zero memory impact:

These batteries also have the fantastic attribute of not requiring a complete discharge before recharging. The majority of users find these devices to be far more convenient to use. It is convenient to use because there is no requirement to drain the remaining power before charging.

  • Only a slight internal resistance:

They have lower internal resistance than conventional liquid cells. The internal resistance of these batteries can even be less than 35m, which significantly lowers the battery's self-power consumption and increases the time a mobile phone can be used without charging, enabling it to meet international standards fully. This lithium battery, which supports high discharge current, is an excellent option for remote-control models and has shown promise as a Ni MH battery alternative.

Applications of the 18650 lithium ion batteries:

  • The lifespan of 18650 lithium ion batteries is estimated to be 1000 charging cycles. Most are laptop batteries because of their high capacity per unit density. The 18650 battery is also widely used in various electronic fields due to its outstanding working stability.
  • The 18650 lithium ion batteries have a single model and are simple to implement in fully automated production; ensuring the consistency of battery batches is another of its most significant advantages. Electric vehicles, large-scale energy storage, and other industries requiring high voltage and high capacity all use it. 
  • Most domestic vehicle batteries use this strategy, which is also being used by an increasing number of energy storage base stations and solar power storage fields to replace the scarce and polluting lead-acid batteries.

18650 lithium ion batteries use precautions and packaging:

  • Make proper use of 18650 lithium batteries. Mixing batteries of different capacities, types, or brands are not advised. Never use batteries that have an odd scent, are heating up, discolored, deformed, or aberrant. Remove the battery from the gadget or charger if it is in use or charging, and stop using it immediately.
  • The maximum allowed voltage for charging batteries is 4.2V. Lithium batteries are typically thought to be fully charged when they have been charged to 4.2V. The battery voltage steadily increases from 3.7V to 4.2V during the charging procedure. Charge the battery to a no-load voltage greater than 4.2V to prevent battery damage. This is where lithium batteries are explicitly used.
  • Since 18650 lithium ions are typically packaged in steel, they are in a liquid condition, akin to a cup of water, similar to this understanding. The 18650 can only be cylindrical as a result. If you purchase a mobile power supply and notice that it is bulky and thick, those are 18650 batteries. Due to the unique nature of the 18650 packaging (with steel shell), the explosion poses the most significant risk if the goods produced are of insufficient quality. 


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