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25 Jul, 2022

By hqt

IRobot battery

How does the iRobot Batteries work?

It is an electrochemical energy storage device. It is capable of converting chemical energy into another energy known as electrical energy. Chemical reactions in a battery involve the transfer of electrons from anode to cathode via an external circuit. An electric current is produced as a result of electron flow.

What are the types of batteries?

Generally, there are two type of batteries which we discus as below:

Lithium ion Battery:

lithium ion batteries are rechargeable that have been specifically designed for robotics applications. They have a high capacity and lighter in weight. These batteries are made up of four cells connected together in series and parallel. Lithium ion batteries have a long life cycle and high power density. These are used in many robots and drones.

Nickel metal hydroxide battery:

It consists of two electrodes separated by a nonconductive electrolyte. A NiMH batteries cathode is made of a hydrogen alloy and, in some cases, a variety of expensive intermetallic compounds. The anode is made of nickel-oxide hydroxide. The nickel-metal hydride battery is a rechargeable found in cell phones, camcorders, and other electronic devices.

How much does iRobot battery cost? 

It has two to three times the charge capacity of other standard batteries and a 40 percent longer service life. This battery is a wise long-term investment due to its free from maintenance and occasional replacement. Recent advancements and improvements have made this type of battery an obvious choice for a wide range of applications. That makes it very demanding and economical prizes in the market.

What are the key iRobot battery parameters?

The following are the critical parameters:

  • It has Peak Charging Current
  • Maximum Discharge Current are deliver to the electronics system
  • It has long life cycle.
  • Battery Voltage is 14.4 V
  • It has one year warranty.

What are the reasons that iRobot battery is more demanding in the market?

The demand for batteries is increasing as new technologies and needs emerge. The following are the advantages of purchasing this battery:

  • Free from maintenance: 

Their main selling point is that they do not require any maintenance. They are maintenance-free sealed batteries. Connect, power up and charge.

  • Electrical safety:

Among the many safety features it will protect from short circuit and also control the charging and discharging of battery through BMS technology

  • Compatible with atmosphere:

These batteries are resistant to extreme weather and temperature, and even at high temperatures, the battery remains cool. They don't have thermal runaways and don't blow up even when overheated or overcharged.

  • Free from harmful gasses:

They are usually equipped with a seal. The gas they produce will not be released into the environment. It is completely gas-free.

  • Longer life cycle:

it is twice as long as other leading brands due to its advance technology and much more experience of has a lengthy life cycle of 1,000-10,000 cycles. After 4000 cycles of draining and charging, it retains 80% DOD.

  • Compact in size: 

These batteries are both small and powerful. They are light and do not retain any memory. It does not require priming and requires little upkeep. They are gaining popularity due to their small size, light weight, high temperature stability, and low cost.

  • Advanced technology:

It has an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) that enables efficient charging via a variety of charging methods.

  • No more cords: 

Get rid of those vexing vacuum cords. This genuine battery alters your perception of vacuuming. These batteries are both safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional lead acid batteries

  • Reliable brand: 

A well-known brand with a track record of success. It is capable of keeping the entire house clean.

What are the characteristics of iRobot Battery?

These are the characteristics you should know about this battery:

  • Quality control product
  • Good supply chain management
  • Mature product
  • Totally reliable
  • Low cost and longer life

What is battery management system and how they make it more advanced?

A battery management system (BMS) monitors a battery pack's performance and adjusts its output to ensure an efficient charge and discharge cycle. It also monitors low and high temperatures in order to prevent fires from starting or spreading.

Learn about the benefits of BMS technology, it has fallowing protection in it:

  • overcharge protection
  • over discharge protection
  • Protection from short circuits
  • over current protection

In what ways that iRobot battery is mostly used?

IRobot Vacuum Cleaner is a robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans your floors while you sleep or work These Batteries are rechargeable batteries designed specifically for the iRobot vacuum cleaner. They provide up to 12 hours of continuous operation time. These are robot vacuums that clean your floors while you sleep. The iRobot battery charger is an essential tool for charging your battery. Vacuum

Don't pass up this fantastic opportunity:

Because of the factors of protection, monitoring, cell balancing, authentication, and gauging, now is the time to purchase an iRobot battery. It will give you a competitive advantage while also making your life easier.


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