Power Tool Battery

07 Dec, 2021

By hqt

Power Tool Battery-01


J&Y power-tool batteries are made of high-quality Lithium-ion cylindrical Li-ion cells and are integrated with a BMS. we provide a more powerful discharge performance and longer run time and cycle life. Our high-discharge power-tool batteries are compatible with original power tools.We also support OEM/ODM service of power tools battery.


  • More powerful current discharge performance.
  • Higher discharge platform with longer working time per charge.
  • Integrated BMS with multi-protections and functions.
  • Completely compatible with original power tools and chargers.
  • Able to support OEM/ODM service of power tools battery.

Case Study

Power Tool Batteries for

– Brushless grinder
– Electric hammer
– Angle grinder
– Impact electric drill

J&Y Batteries for Brushless Grinder

Lithium-ion Battery:

  • 18650-2000mAh-10S1P- 36V
  • 2000mAh (10C)
  • 18650-2000mAh-10S2P- 36V
  • 4000mAh (10C)


  • High Discharge Rate- Safe
  • High Capacity- Quick Charge
  • Highly Compatible