What is Server Rack Battery and Why is It Important?

23 May, 2023

By hqt


What is a battery for a server rack?

  • When a power outage or other electrical disruption occurs, a server rack battery is a backup power source to keep servers and other essential equipment running. Usually, a rechargeable sealed battery is kept in a separate cabinet or shelf inside the server rack.
  • For businesses and organizations that depend on their servers to carry out mission-critical operations, this enables the servers to continue working without interruption. Server rack batteries can manage the voltage provided to the servers, shielding them from voltage spikes and other electrical disturbances that could harm or create downtime and supplying backup power. Server rack batteries are essential for preserving the dependability and uptime of server infrastructure in data centers and other key IT settings.

What potential benefits can a server rack battery offer?

server rack battery can offer several advantages, such as:

  • Continuous electricity supply: 

Server rack batteries are a backup power source for servers, network devices, and other essential equipment to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. The battery kicks in to maintain the continuous operation of the device in the case of a power loss or fluctuation.

  • Protection against data loss: 

Data loss or corruption may occur if a server or other device abruptly loses power. During power outages or fluctuations, a server rack battery guarantees that data is correctly saved and maintained.

  • Enhanced dependability: 

Server rack batteries improve the overall dependability of the supporting equipment by offering a backup power source. This can aid in avoiding downtime and guarantee that crucial processes go on as usual.

  • Savings: 

Purchasing a server rack battery may save companies money by preventing the expenses of data loss, downtime, and equipment damage brought on by power fluctuations or outages.

  • Enhanced energy efficiency:

 Some batteries are made to supply power at times of high demand, enabling enterprises to avoid using the grid when energy prices are at their highest. Over time, this may result in considerable cost reductions.

Server Racks and Their Requirements for Battery Backup:

  • The servers and networking hardware that power today businesses and organizations must be housed in server racks. It is crucial to ensure that these racks have enough battery backups to keep the equipment working during power outages or disturbances. The particular battery backup requirements for a server rack will vary depending on its size, the number of servers and other equipment placed inside, and the power consumption of that equipment.
  • For a safe and orderly shutdown of the equipment, it is often advised to include a battery backup system that can provide power for at least 15 to 30 minutes. It is crucial to consider the total power consumption of the equipment contained within a server rack and the effectiveness of that equipment's power sources when determining the particular battery backup requirements for that rack. As different battery backup systems may have varying power levels and capabilities, it is also crucial to consider this.
  • It's crucial to consider other power safety measures, such as voltage control and surge protection, in addition to battery backup. In the case of power surges or other electrical disruptions, these precautions can aid in preventing damage to delicate electronic equipment. The purpose of a server rack's battery backup is to guarantee that crucial business processes can continue during power outages. Businesses may ensure that their operations are secure and stable even in the event of unplanned power outages by considering the unique requirements of the rack's equipment and the capabilities of various battery backup solutions.

How should a server rack battery be cared for and maintained?

In the case of a power loss, a server rack battery will supply backup power to your vital IT equipment. To ensure your server rack battery is always prepared to supply power when needed, it is crucial to maintain and care for it. The following advice will help you take good care of a battery:

  • Check the battery frequently:

 To ensure your battery is in excellent shape, you should check it at least once every month. Verify the wires are firmly attached and look for any evidence of leaking or casing damage.

  • Keep the battery clean. 

If dirt and dust are allowed to build up on the battery, it may corrode and have a shorter lifespan. The battery should be cleaned often with a gentle, dry cloth.

  • Test the battery frequently: 

To make sure your battery is operating properly, you should test it from time to time. A multimeter or battery tester can be used for this. To test the battery, adhere to the maker's instructions.

  • Charge the battery regularly: 

A battery has to be charged often to retain its capacity. The battery's usage and the instructions from the manufacturer will determine how frequently it has to be charged.

  • Monitor the battery's temperature:

 Because batteries are susceptible to temperature changes, it's crucial to do so often. Keep the battery away from heat sources and in a cold, dry location.

Why are server rack batteries crucial?

In the case of a power failure or other electrical disruption, server rack batteries, often called uninterruptible power supply, provide backup power to servers and other essential equipment. Providing crucial computational power for everything from email and messaging systems to sophisticated data analytics and e-commerce transactions, servers are the foundation of the majority of modern organizations. They are, however, also extremely susceptible to power outages.


A consistent power supply is becoming increasingly critical in today's commercial environment. A server rack battery backup is essential in any data center or server room. In the case of an interruption or power loss, this kind of equipment offers a steady energy supply. JIEYO offers the best items imaginable to its customers. Our thorough quality control process guarantees the finest standard of goods. Every batch of batteries is evaluated for efficacy by a technical team.