8.4V Nimh battery pack

22 Aug, 2022

By hqt

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What is a Nimh battery pack?

A rechargeable battery whose electrodes are made of nickel and metal hydride. The chemical reaction takes place at the positive electrode utilizing nickel oxide. On the other hand, the negative electrodes are made of a hydrogen-absorbing alloy. It is an excellent battery pack for individuals who want a high-capacity battery pack for their gadgets. It is lightweight and small, making it easy to transport. The battery pack also has a large capacity, allowing it to power your gadgets for an extended period. This battery pack is made up of eight AA-size nickel-metal hydride batteries connected in series. This is because the chemistry of Nimh batteries is different from that of lithium-ion batteries. An 8.4V Nimh Battery Pack normally has a capacity of roughly 1600mAh.

The Pros of an 8.4V Nimh Battery Pack:

For several reasons, they are gaining popularity which is enlisted below:

  • They are frivolous:

For those searching for a battery solution that is less in weight, the 8.4V Nimh battery pack is a fantastic option. RC vehicles, for example, when weight is a critical consideration, are common uses for these packs. Over other battery types, this battery has various advantages, including greater discharge rates and longer run durations. This feature is great if you need to use them in an emergency since it can be charged extremely rapidly. It has a weight of about 210g.

The battery packs are rechargeable and have a higher capacity than regular batteries. They are eco-friendlier and may be reused several times. It also lasts longer, so you won't have to replace them frequently. And they are less expensive in the long term. These are a wonderful alternative to take into consideration if you're seeking a high-performance, long-lasting battery. Additionally, they have a reduced rate of self-discharge, which translates to improved long-term charge retention. These batteries are also less susceptible to the "memory effect," which is a condition when a battery loses its capacity to store a charge for an extended period. It has a capacity of 1.3Ah.

  • They are rechargeable:

Because they are more powerful, last longer, and can be recharged more frequently than other types of batteries, these battery packs are the greatest rechargeable batteries. They are, without a doubt, the greatest rechargeable batteries available. Compared to other types of batteries, they are stronger, last longer, and can be recharged more frequently. It is a significantly more potent substance than the lead acid used in the majority of other types of batteries. This indicates that Nimh batteries have a higher energy capacity and faster energy discharge rate. It has more durability than other batteries. ITs Max discharging current is 13A.

  • They are safer: 

It has been tested to be able to charge your devices without overcharging or damaging them. It also has built-in protection against short circuits, over-discharge, under-discharge, and overcharge. We guarantee safety; you don't have to worry about getting burned when using our battery packs. They also last longer and are more ecologically friendly. They don't have any hazardous substances in them. It is less prone to explode and does not catch fire as quickly as lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are far less prone to leak harmful substances because they don't contain any lead or cadmium. They are a safer alternative overall since they are also less likely to overheat.

8.4V Nimh Battery Pack Implementations:

  • They can deliver more power when required since they discharge at a greater pace. They are more dependable in applications where lead acid batteries would be more prone to failure since they are also more resistant to damage from overcharging.
  • This battery pack is a very affordable way to power your RC car or truck. 
  • It is a very reliable way to power your RC car or truck. It offers the highest quality available. 
  • Because they have a greater voltage than normal batteries, they can power more gadgets. They are increasingly being used in a variety of gadgets, including laptops and digital cameras.
  • They also last longer, so you won't have to replace them as frequently. You'll also save money in the long term because they're rechargeable.
  • A high-quality battery pack is essential for charging your phone or camera whenever and wherever you go.
  • These high-quality lithium-ion cells are compatible with all GoPro cameras and drones.
  • They are perfect for powering up your GoPro or drone as they have twice the capacity of our previous models, so theres no longer an excuse to be without power. With the same great performance, durability, and reliability, these batteries are perfect for those who love their action cameras but don't like carrying extra weight.
  • They have a wide variety of purposes, which makes them quite popular. They may be utilized for several things, like running your home appliances, your automobile, and your electronic gadgets.


Overall, the 8.4V Nimh battery pack is an excellent alternative for individuals in need of a powerful battery pack. The battery pack is rechargeable and can be used for a variety of different applications. JIEYO is always working to deliver the best goods. We meticulously carry out a variety of tests and an extensive analysis to ensure that the final result is certain. All of our products offer exceptional performance and quality at more than fair prices. The warehouse and online store's shelves are stocked with this fantastic brand's whole line of goods. We furthermore provide technical assistance, a guarantee, and after-sales services, as is common. Our major objective is to provide a positive client experience. Your decision to buy the item is a sensible one. You can count on us time and time again. Our first goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied.