Electronic lock battery: What is the structure of the smart lock?

14 Dec, 2021

By hqt

A big analysis of the door lock structure

Electronic lock battery Because intelligent door locks are pretty different from general anti-theft locks, their internal structure is also different. The structure of smart locks makes bright door locks a more intelligent system.

Electronic lock battery

Gaoju recommends the structure of the smart lock:

The structure of the intelligent lock is composed of mechanical equipment inserts, electronic devices, computer motherboards, fingerprint recognition data collectors and other parts. The cooperation of these components with each other grants a lot of convenience to the intelligent lock.

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  1. Control panel The raw materials used in the smart door lock control panel on the sales market are: zinc alloy materials, stainless steel plates, aluminum alloy profiles, plastics, etc.
  2. The lock cylinder

The raw material of the lock cylinder is mainly stainless steel plate, but there is also iron. The key of the lock cylinder is divided into two types: the standard basic lock cylinder and the non-standard lock cylinder.

  1. Circuit board

The circuit board is the key to the smart door lock, and the quality of the circuit board will endanger the performance indicators of the smart door lock.

  1. Motor

The electric motor is the electric motor that shows the driving force of the smart door lock, and the power consumption is not large. When using the login password or swiping a credit card or fingerprint recognition to open the door lock, the sound of the motor rotating once was heard.

  1. Doorknob    There are two types of door handles: long door handles and round door handles. Different smart door lock handles can be purchased according to different requirements.
  2. Decorative design circle    Smart door locks are not necessarily equipped with decorative design circles. Smart door locks equipped with decorative design circles look more airy, but the cost will be slightly higher.
  3. Display   The display has a high-definition blue light display and a white light display. The actual operation of a smart door lock equipped with a display will be more visualized and very easy, but it is not necessary that a smart door lock is equipped with a display.

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  1. Computer keyboard   The computer keyboard of the smart door lock generally uses the refraction of light to distinguish typing. The computer keyboard light is also divided into two types: high-definition blue light and white light. Generally, the refraction of white light will be better than that of high-definition blue light, and typing will be more sensitive.
  2. Fingerprint recognition head    There are two key types of fingerprint recognition heads for smart door locks, electronic optical fingerprint recognition heads and semiconductor material fingerprint recognition heads. Generally speaking, the price of fingerprint recognition heads made of semiconductor materials is higher than that of electronic optical fingerprint recognition heads, but some electronic optical fingerprint recognition heads with more authentication levels are more expensive than low-end semiconductor material fingerprint recognition heads.
  3. Anti-theft lock cylinder

The anti-theft lock cylinder is a key element to distinguish the price of a smart door lock. Since the security level of the anti-theft lock cylinder of different levels is different, the smart door lock using the ultra-C anti-theft lock cylinder can avoid unlocking by technical mechanical equipment. Living will be more secure.

  1. Rechargeable battery slot

At this stage, the popular smart door lock rechargeable battery slots are 4 batteries and 8 batteries.

  1. Lock the knob

All family-mounted smart door locks are equipped with the basic lock knob.

  1. Slide cover

Smart door locks are divided into two types: with sliding cover and without sliding cover (straight plate). Smart door locks with sliding cover can reasonably maintain the intelligent actual operation of the smart door lock to unlock the door, such as computer keyboard, fingerprint recognition head, and display. , This should be selected according to the needs of different places.

  1. Wireless module

This is the IoT technology part of smart door locks. The smart door locks of some control modules can be combined with wifi magic to complete the IoT technology of smart door locks. Information content and news push, online inquiry of door lock records).

The communication protocol of the smart door lock application is different, and the IoT technology part of the smart door lock internal application will also be different.