Emergency Light Battery

An emergency light battery is a rechargeable battery used in emergency lights. Exit symbols and emergency lights are required in commercial, manufacturing, and large apartment complexes. However, even though they are nearly always visible, many facility managers fail to detect when lights cease operating, leaving building residents in the darkness when a problem emerges. Maintaining your exit or emergency lights ready for the worst situations is crucial for building maintenance, and saving the backup battery packs is an important part of that work. Fortunately, doing it efficiently is simple if you grasp the fundamentals of emergency light batteries, just like emergency light batteries from JIEYO.

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Emergency Light Battery Replacement

Emergency and escape lights are often connected to the building's electrical system, but they must have a backup power source if the power goes out. That implies that you should have an Emergency light battery replacement that keeps working when the primary source of power fails and must be able to function for at least 90 minutes.

How often should emergency lights be tested?

To assess the operation of emergency lights, a one-month test period is advised.

How long do the batteries in emergency lights last?

Because most power outages last one-hour maximum, emergency lighting batteries only last one hour on prime power. Other emergency batteries, on the other hand, last for four hours.

Advantages of buying J&Y Batteries:

J&Y batteries may take advantage of rapid and opportunity charging, allowing the battery to fully recharge in fewer hours and recover up to 40% of its drained capacity in a short time. Our batteries provide the following feature:

  • Allows a low-maintenance solution with long cycle life.
  • Provides Easy Charging: There is no need for a central battery station. The battery may stay attached to the forklift during the charging operation, and no specific ventilation infrastructure is required.
  • Provides High Energy Output: Our technology has a greater energy density, which results in better voltage and stability during discharge.
  • Emission-free: Our li-ion batteries are an ideal option for pharmaceutical, food processing, and food manufacturing industries.
  • JIEYO provides the best Emergency light battery replacement.

 About JIEYO Battery:

J&Y Technology is a High-Tech manufacturer specializing in the production, development, research and sale of rechargeable Ni-MH, Lithium polymer, Lithium-ion and LiFePO4 batteries. JIEYO provides ideal solutions to our clients' demands and supplies emergency lighting batteries with a longer life span, higher performance, and more trusted safety.

We employ globally advanced manufacturing technologies to make our batteries, which are used in various applications. We deliver more sustainable power and take care of our clients no matter what because to J&Y, customer satisfaction is the priority.