20KW High Voltage Battery Energy Storage System


  • industrial energy storage systems


industrial energy storage systems
High voltage battery is a battery with a higher energy density than normal batteries. these batteries can charge and discharge a lot faster than other batteries, giving them more stable charge cycles and longer battery life.
Battery Performance
  • Model/Type: JYHV20
  • Energy (Wh): 204.8V/105Ah 21.5KWh
  • Standard voltage: DC-204.8V
  • Charge protection voltage: DC-236.8V
  • Discharge protection voltage: DC-160V
  • Charging temperature range: 0℃-55℃
  • Discharge temperature range: -20℃-60℃
  • Relative humidity: 45%~85%
  • Storage (within 1 month): -20℃~45℃
  • Storage (within 1 year): 0℃~35℃
  • Storage humidity: <70﹪
  • Charging current (A): <150A
  • Standard discharge current (A): <155A
  • Maximum discharge current (A): <160A
  • Weight (kg): About 350kg
  • Size high * width * depth (mm): 530mm*660mm*1610mm(L:W:H)
  • Communication function: RS485、RS232、CAN
Multi-function Inverter/Charger (three phase ) (Optional)
  • AC input function: 300-475VAC(Three phase) / ≤45A
  • PV input function: 240-360VDC / ≤100A
  • AC output function: 380VAC(Three phase)
  • Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Inverter power: 30kVA
Solar Panel(Optional)
  • Maximum Power Pmax: 550W
  • Maximum Power Voltage: 41.96V
  • Maximum Power Current: 13.11A

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