The Benefits of Rack Mount Battery Solutions

15 May, 2023

By hqt

rack mount battery

What exactly is a rack mount battery for?

  • Typically, these batteries are lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which are small and versatile in how they are attached. The batteries are frequently connected in parallel to supply the necessary voltage and capacity for the particular application. These mount batteries offer a practical and dependable backup power supply option for mission-critical applications where downtime is not an option. 
  • With rack-mount battery backup solutions, your electronic equipment can be well protected from power surges and outages. These systems provide advantages such as increased convenience, higher scalability, and improved power management. In addition to lowering noise and heat, they offer a dependable power source and aid in decreasing downtime. 
  • They may be easily scaled up or down and are more effective than conventional batteries. They offer greater energy density, improved security, and more effective cooling. These systems are frequently employed in military installations, data centres, and other high-demand applications.

Advantages of using rack mount batteries:

There are numerous advantages of mounting batteries for backup power in data centres and other mission-critical applications. They are built to be reliable, cost-efficient, flexible, scalable, and space-efficient. Additionally, they provide better safety, more uptime, and power quality. Other advantages include flexibility in deployment, quick recharge times, and remote management. These mount batteries come in various choices, making it simple to integrate them into various settings and provide dependable backup power when it's most needed. The following advantages of rack mount batteries are listed under different headings:

  • Design that saves space: 

To save significant floor space in data centres and other facilities, the rack mount battery is made to fit into conventional 19-inch server racks. You can reduce the space needed for backup power by using a rack-mount battery to group all your backup power components in one place.

  • Versatile installation:

Depending on the particular battery model and rack design, these mount batteries can be put in various orientations, including horizontal, vertical, and upside-down. This adaptability enables effective space use and enhances ventilation within the rack.

 rack mount battery
  • Scalability:

These mount batteries are simple to scale up or down to accommodate shifting power demands. As your power requirements grow, you can add more batteries to the rack without buying a brand-new backup power solution.

Batteries for rack mounts are made for mission-critical applications where uptime is crucial. To assure reliability, they are normally constructed with high-quality components and put through thorough testing.

  • Sophisticated battery management:

Numerous mount batteries have intelligent battery management systems that track battery health, send notifications when the battery requires repair or replacement, and maximise battery performance. These solutions can help the battery last longer and provide dependable backup power.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

These mount batteries are frequently more affordable than bigger, standalone backup power systems. They are also more effective because they are made for rack mounting and can power the rack's equipment more effectively.

How do rack mount battery’s function?

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems frequently use rack-mount batteries to supply backup power during power outages or brownouts. This mount battery uses the basic tenet of storing electrical energy in chemical form and converting it back to electrical energy as needed. Lithium-ion battery technology—which offers high energy density, long life, and dependable performance—is used in these mount batteries. The charger integrated within the UPS charges the battery when it is connected to mains power. The charger ensures the battery is fully charged and can supply backup power anytime. The mount battery powers the connected devices when the UPS automatically switches to battery power in case of a mains power outage.

Battery's capacity:

A mount battery's capacity, commonly expressed in volt-ampere-hours (VAh) or watt-hours (Wh), determines how much backup power it offers. Depending on the application, the battery's capacity should be adequate to supply backup power for the anticipated length of the outage, which can be anywhere from a few minutes and many hours. 

Beneficial characteristics of rack mount battery:

Industrial applications are increasingly utilizing rack battery systems. This is because they can offer power storage that is dependable, effective, and economical. They are crucial to any data centre because they provide reliable, power-saving backup power for essential systems and components.

  • Higher-quality power:

These mount batteries can aid by supplying clean, uninterrupted power during a power loss, enhancing the quality of the power sent to the equipment in the rack. This can assist in avoiding damage to delicate equipment and ensuring that crucial systems continue to function in the case of an outage.

  • Environmental advantages:

The energy efficiency of rack batteries is frequently higher than that of bigger standalone backup power systems. By employing a more effective backup power system, you can lower your energy use and carbon impact, which is better for the environment.

  • Adherence to regulations:

Regulations in several sectors, including healthcare and finance, demand installing backup power systems to guarantee uptime. Using a mounted battery, you may abide by these rules and prevent exorbitant fines or penalties for non-compliance.

  • Enhanced safety:

Fuse and circuit breakers are common safety features built into rack mount battery to guard against overloading and short circuits. Additionally, they could have characteristics like voltage management and surge protection, which might lessen the risk of linked equipment being harmed.

  • Longer uptime:

Critical systems are kept operational by the quick backup power that racks batteries provide in the case of a power outage. This helps lessen costly downtime and productivity loss, which can greatly impact how businesses run.

  • Quick charging times:

Because these mount batteries frequently have quick recharge times, they can swiftly restore power during a power outage and offer backup power once more in case of another blackout. By doing this, it may be possible to guarantee the uninterrupted operation of crucial systems.

  • Long lifespan:

These mount batteries are frequently made to last a long time; with good care, many kinds can live up to 10 years or longer. By doing this, the necessity for regular battery replacements—expensive and time-consuming—may be lessened.


As a power outage or brownout occurs, the rack mount battery stores electrical energy in chemical form and turns it back to electrical energy as needed. Our devices transform our lives by enabling us to charge our electronics and other devices everywhere. This forward-thinking business specializes in creating and manufacturing high-performance batteries and related goods. One of the top producers of these mount batteries worldwide is JIEYO.