The Applications of RC hobby battery

22 Aug, 2022

By hqt

RC hobby battery 

What is RC hobby battery?  

An RC hobby battery is a type of battery used to power remote control vehicles. These batteries are available in a large range of sizes and shapes, but lithium-ion batteries are the most popular. These batteries are perfect for use in RC vehicles because they are often compact and lightweight. Lithium-ion batteries are popular because they offer a high energy density and can store a lot of power in a small area. They also have a high discharge rate, meaning they can provide that power quickly when needed. They are therefore perfect for usage in RC vehicles.

What are the pros of RC hobby batteries? 

The RC hobby battery is a desirable alternative for a range of RC applications due to its many benefits. The ability to reduce weight by employing this battery is undoubtedly the main benefit. Additionally, these batteries frequently have substantially higher discharge rates than regular batteries, making them perfect for uses that demand a lot of power. Finally, these batteries are typically more affordable than regular batteries. Anything that can be controlled remotely is referred to as "RC," which stands for remote control. This includes drones as well as remote-control cars, boats, and aircraft. All of these gadgets are powered by RC batteries, which are available in a range of dimensions and voltages. An RC hobby battery can effectively power your remote-controlled vehicles. They are rechargeable, durable, and lightweight. They are reusable, which will end up saving you money over time. Furthermore, they reduce pollution.

  • Portability:

One of the key advantages of using an RC hobby battery is its extreme portability. This implies that you can bring them with you everywhere you go, whether it's to a friend's house or the park. They are, moreover, relatively portable and lightweight. 

  • Safety:

Another advantage of utilizing these batteries is their high level of safety. This is because they don't burn easily and don't give off harmful gases. They are also flame resistant in addition. This indicates that there is extremely little chance of the battery catching fire in the event of an accident.

  • Long life:

A long lifespan is another benefit of this battery.

How does the RC hobby battery work?

Although RC batteries come in a variety of forms and sizes, they all function essentially the same. Two or more cells, each with a positive and a negative terminal, make up a battery. A current is produced when electrons move from the negative to the positive terminal. An RC battery's cells are connected in series so that the current passes through each cell. The voltage increases with the number of cells in a battery. When an RC battery is connected to a charger, the charger passes an opposing current through the battery. This changes how electrons flow.

How to Utilize RC hobby batteries:

The RC hobby battery offers a steadier power source than a conventional alkaline battery. Compared to a regular alkaline battery, it firstly offers a more reliable power source. In contrast to a regular alkaline battery, the RC hobby battery is also more resilient, so it will last longer and require fewer replacements. Finally, it is not a cause of environmental pollution. 

7.4v 3300mAh Lithium ion polymer battery pack 25C High drain for RC hobby:

These batteries are ideal for use in RC vehicles because they are frequently small and weigh about 165g. These batteries are well-liked because they have a high energy density with a capacity of 3.3 Ah, operate at 7.4 volts, and can fit a lot of power into a small space. They can deliver that power rapidly when required because they have a maximum charging current of 3.3 A and a maximum discharging current of 82 A. They are ideal for use in remote-controlled cars.

9.6v 4000mAh Nimh battery pack with Tamiya connector for RC Hobby:

These batteries are ideal for use in RC vehicles because they are usually small and weigh about 455g. These Lithium-ion batteries are popular because they have a high energy density with their capacity of 4 Ah and working at 9.6 volts, and can fit a lot of power into a small space. Additionally, they can deliver that power quickly when required. Their maximum is charging and discharging currents of 4 A and 40 A, respectively. 

11.1V 4500mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery pack 30C High discharge rate for RC drone:

These batteries typically weigh around 410g and are the perfect size for use in RC vehicles. These lithium-ion batteries are well-liked because they can fit a lot of power into a small space. And have a high energy density with a capacity of 4.5 Ah and operates at 11.61volts. They can also quickly deliver that electricity when needed. Their maximum charging current is 4.5 A, while their maximum discharging current is 125 A.


An RC hobby battery is a brand-new variety of rechargeable batteries for RC aircraft, RC automobiles, and other devices. You can enjoy its great features anytime and anywhere. They became popular because of their low cost and high performance. They have high performance and have higher power than regular batteries. They last longer than normal batteries, allowing you to enjoy your remote-controlled vehicle for longer. It may be charged quickly. Both charging and discharging are possible. It is portable due to its extended lifespan, great capacity, low cost, and distinctive design. It may be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. It is secure, dependable, and a great present for kids. It is a fantastic option for those who enjoy RC activities. JIEYO provides high-quality hobby batteries for remote control vehicles to their customers. We believe that we should always put customer satisfaction first. We have advanced technology and highly skilled workers to produce great products.