24v battery for electric bicycle--Power your ride

27 Sep, 2022

By hqt

24v battery for electric bicycle

What is exactly a 24v battery for electric bicycle?

For an electric bicycle, a 24-volt battery is a fantastic alternative. A common internet search term is "24v battery for electric bicycle." The batteries that deliver the most Power and have the most fantastic range make the ideal electric bicycle batteries. It works well for commuting around town because you won't have to worry about climbing hills. You can receive the Power you need to get there you're going without pedaling with a 24-volt battery for an electric bicycle. 

High-grade li-ion cells were used to develop a 24-volt battery:

  • High-grade li-ion cells were used to develop a 24-volt battery with low weight and a high energy density. A 15A maximum continuous current can be provided by it with ease. 
  • 24v battery for electric bicycle is adequate for a wide range of electric devices that require between 250 and 300 watts. The most frequent question about electric bicycles is what voltage the batteries should be at. 
  • I'll give an example to illustrate. If you live in a city, have a weight limit of 50 kg, and want an electric bicycle, 24 V is a good option. If you're not in a location with plenty of hills, a 24V battery for an electric bicycle is your best bet because it has a low power voltage. 
  • A sizeable portion of the weight of an electric bicycle is the battery. This voltage battery may be the best option if you want to make your electric bicycle as light as possible. 
  • On flat roads, the 24V battery may function effectively. When utilizing this battery to climb inclines, it will offer more support when climbing up a slope of a comparable magnitude. 
  • A 24V battery can be the best option if your budget is limited and you don't usually ride your electric bike up hills. 

Preserving a powerful battery:

Buy the highest-quality battery that you can. Utilize your bicycle frequently, and do regular battery recharges. Before storing the bicycle, charge the battery between 40 and 70 percent if you won't use it for more than a week. Maintain the battery's charge within the advised range by keeping it in a cool, dry place and keeping an eye on it while it's being stored.

How strong is a 24v battery for electric bicycle?

  • A 24v battery can often produce when connected with a 20 amp-hour charger. The amp-hour you match with the 24-volt battery determines the amount of Power the battery can produce. 
  • Let's say the 24v battery has a 20 amp-hour connection. The 720 WH generated in that situation will enable you to ride your electric bicycle up considerably higher elevation slopes. 
  • The 360 Watt-hour produced, however, is sufficient to Power your electric bicycle on flat terrain provided you connect ten amp-hour to your 24v battery. 
  • For your electric bicycle to climb steep slopes, 360 Watt-hour might not be sufficient. High wattage can be produced by the 24v battery when combined with a high amp-hour. If your area has a lot of hills, it is advisable to use a higher voltage battery. 

Is a 24v 25Ah lithium-ion battery pack for electric bicycle silver fish type offer many merits?

There are many other types of batteries that have their specifications. A 24v battery for electric bicycle covers approximately 15 to 20 kilometers per charging.

The ability to work with modern batteries provides the foundation for many modern technologies, including regenerative braking, load point optimization, electrical torque support, and smoother start/stop engines. A 24-volt battery for an electric bicycle is the foundation for all of these. Thus, opt for a 24v pack if you want a future-proof battery. Some are given below:

  • More Power and torque:

Because it offers more Power and torque than a 36v battery, the 24v battery is excellent for electric bicycles. Additionally, it is lighter and smaller, which makes it simpler to install and move. The 24v battery costs less than the 36v battery as well. 

  • Faster charging:

The 24v battery for electric bicycles has various advantages over other battery types, including more Power and range. Greater Power your electric bicycle's Power will be greater with a 24v battery than with a lower voltage one. 

  • Less weight:

The fact that this 24-volt battery is so lightweight is another benefit. The resulting battery pack is still incredibly light, even if it is twice as heavy as a 12V battery. Your bike will perform better on the road if your battery, motor, and other components are lighter. 

  • Better range and last longer:

Some advantages are more Power, a more excellent range, and quicker charging. Additionally, compared to other battery kinds, a 24v battery is more robust and can last longer. The optimum battery for an electric bicycle is a 24-volt one all around.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

The issue is that batteries with nominal outputs higher than 60V become prohibitively expensive, which causes the bike's value proposition to disappear. Special wiring and cabling must be installed, and more stringent safety requirements must be met, all of which are expensive. Higher prices for the final customer are the result of this money. Comparatively speaking, this battery is less costly. 24v battery for electric bicycle increases the speed of your electric bicycle and provides a lengthy charging period of 500 cycles.

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Battery?

The following tips can assist you in keeping your battery in good condition:

  • Be cautious not to charge your battery past its maximum capacity.
  • When the charge is finished, turn off the switch.
  • Be careful not to drop your battery unintentionally.
  • Instead of letting the battery go entirely flat after each ride, keep charging it up.
  • Store your batteries somewhere dry, sheltered from the outdoors, and at least 15 degrees Celsius higher than usual.


Since a 24v battery for electric bicycle is smaller, it does not increase the bike's weight as much. A 24-volt battery pack will be adequate for most riders and is less expensive than a 36-volt battery pack. JIEYO guarantee that only premium materials, together with the most cutting-edge equipment and tools, are used in their production by our expertise. Additionally, before sending them to the location of our consumers, we inspect these on several grounds. On our websites, we offer the greatest and highest-quality batteries. Contact us if you want the best services.