It is a versatile NiMH battery for a variety of applications.

28 Sep, 2022

By hqt

what is NiMH battery?

What does NiMH battery mean?

  • . A rechargeable battery known as a Nimh battery uses this chemical substance as its electrolyte. Nickel metal hydride is referred to as "Nimh." A rechargeable battery called a Nimh battery has a number of benefits over conventional batteries. Compared to traditional batteries, NiMH batteries are more eco-friendly, have a larger capacity, and can be recharged more frequently. Compared to conventional batteries, NiMH batteries provide various benefits, including a longer lifespan and greater power.
  • "Nimh" stands for Nickel Metal Hydride in abbreviated form. Nimh batteries are made using nickel and metal hydride (a type of hydrogen-based compound). While they resemble Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries, they are devoid of dangerous cadmium. 
  • These batteries are often used in remote-control toys because they are portable, have a high energy density, or can store a lot of energy in a small space. They are reasonably priced and have a long lifespan. An electrical current must be sent through Nimh batteries to recharge them. The way batteries work is by chemically storing energy. What is NiMH battery? It is a searching question on internet. When drained, a Nimh battery produces an electrical current because the chemical reaction is reversed.

The Characteristics of NiMH battery: 

  • An excellent alternative is a 7.2V Nimh battery pack.
  • Nimh batteries have better environmental practices than other battery types.
  • You may use Nimh batteries longer before recharging since they have a higher capacity than conventional batteries.
  • You may save money using Nimh batteries more frequently than other battery types.
  • Nimh batteries don't suffer from the memory effect; therefore, you may charge them whenever you choose without being concerned that it would reduce their lifespan.
  • Since Nimh batteries are lighter than other batteries, transporting them is more straightforward.
  • NiMH battery packs with a 3000mAh capacity may power RC vehicles and other related devices. It's built to provide power when you need it for excellent RC racing performance.
  • Suitable for RC batteries used in remote-controlled toys, including tanks, buses, ships, and other vehicles. We advise identifying the battery portion for the RC device and matching the connection. A rechargeable battery package prepared of sub-C series cells may fit inside any RC vehicle.
  • The 3000mAh RC racing battery has a recollection outcome; therefore, you should control your series whenever you can. NiMH battery pack with high capacity for remote-controlled cars. The 3000mAh high-capacity NiMH battery pack can keep your remote control car and related devices running much longer than NiCd batteries.
  • It usually contains a large number of rechargeable batteries.
  • It has a much higher capacity than nickel-cadmium batteries and works well with high rate discharges. Additionally, it functions effectively across a broad temperature range. It is charging and discharging at 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.

The NiMH Battery with longer life:

With the jieyo rechargeable NiMH battery, there is no memorial effect, so you are always in control of your batteries. You won't have to be afraid about long-lasting memorial consequences even when they are nearly full or half-empty. Before recharging, there is no need to discharge. Nimh batteries function by converting the battery's stored energy into electricity through a chemical process.

By following these recommendations, your NiMH battery will last longer:

  • When you first get your new battery pack, fully recharge it.
  • Please stop using the battery when you notice a performance drop, and avoid overcharging it.
  • Keep the battery from being overcharged, and once you are done, remove it from the charger.
  • Avoid charging or discharging your battery when it's warm since heat reduces the battery's lifetime. Never use or charge a battery before it has warmed to the proper temperature.
  • To prevent over-discharge, don't provide a small battery amount of current always and recharge it after usage.
  • Avoid exposing the batteries to heat or direct sunlight, and keep them in a dry, cold location.
  • If the battery is idle or stored for an extended period, recharge it every six months.

Where can you use NiMH batteries?

  • Personal hygiene is a verified and dependable Nimh battery of excellent quality. It is lightweight, small, and simple to install and use. This battery pack is perfect for people who want to record their travels while happening, thanks to its convenient mobility and lengthy energy life.
  • Toy batteries are crucial because they enable the longer-lasting operation of toys. Toy applications are intended for the 2V Nimh Batteries.
  • It is the best power source for your car, according to automobiles. It is intended to be used in place of the factory battery. To know about what is Nimh Battery? Then it is a fantastic tool for extending the life of your automobile. The majority of cars are compatible with this battery pack.
  • Rechargeable batteries of the nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) variety are frequently found in other electronic devices. The negative electrode of the NiMH battery consists of a hydrogen-absorbing material and, sometimes, a wide range of intermetallic compounds.

Why is NiMH battery more secure?

Your electronic gadgets may be charged using them without being overcharged or damaged. Additionally, it includes built-in safeguards against short circuits, over-, under-, and overcharge. Since we guarantee safety, you won't have to worry about being burned when using our battery packs. Additionally, they are more environmentally friendly and endure longer. They don't include any potentially dangerous materials. It does not ignite as soon as lithium-ion batteries do and is less explosive. Because these batteries don't contain lead or cadmium, they are much less likely to leak dangerous materials. Since they are also less likely to overheat, they are generally a safer solution.


Nickel metal hydride is referred to as Nimh. This article explain you what is NiMH battery? In detail. A rechargeable battery called a Nimh battery has a number of benefits over conventional batteries. Nimh batteries are better for the environment, last longer, and recharge more rapidly. JIEYO provides exceptional performance and is built on premium batteries. Numerous awards have been given to our products. Get more information by visiting our website. Purchase yours now!