AGV Battery Technology: Current State and Future Prospects

28 Sep, 2022

By hqt

AGV Battery

What are AGV Battery and its technology?

  • Batteries for automated guided vehicles are those that power the AGV system. AGVs must be used because of the variety of functions. These vehicles can transport raw materials like metal, plastic, rubber, or paper. AGVs can, for instance, convey things directly to the production lines or move raw materials from the point of receipt to the end of storage. 
  • An automated guided vehicle is referred to as AGV. These vehicles are utilized in manufacturing and other industrial settings to transfer items throughout a plant. AGVs can move large and small goods, including pallets and totes, as well as heavy loads. A battery is one of its most crucial parts. AGV battery is essential because it keeps the AGV powered and operating correctly. The AGV's ability to use would be compromised without a battery, and it would eventually cease to operate altogether. An automated guided vehicle, or AGV, is a battery-operated robot that transports items within a warehouse or factory.
  • The success and continuous development of AGVs depend heavily on AGV battery technology. The current status of AGV battery technology is examined, along with potential developments in the future. High discharge rates, extended life, dependability, and safety are just a few of the stringent requirements that AGV batteries must be able to achieve.

How much time does it take for an AGV Battery to recharge?

Your current state will determine what to do. Around 5 hours is the absolute minimum required for recharging? Using a Battery, you may operate for six hours. Before the battery runs out, it will take two hours to charge.

How long can an AGV battery be left idle?

As long as the batteries are in excellent shape, they may be kept securely in storage for up to a year without requiring inventory maintenance. With a DOD of 40%, the battery may be used for around 2000 cycles. Specifies that you may recharge your GEL 2000 times, increasing its capacity by 60% each time.

Why is the AGV battery leader?

  • Although it is heavier and offers exceptional electrical reliability, flooded lead-acid batteries do not require maintenance.
  • It resists low temperatures and has a low self-discharge.
  • The charge completes in a short period.
  • One of the numerous advantages of an AGV battery is that it may charge up to five periods quicker than a traditional flooded battery.

AGM and GEL batteries for AGVs:

The AGV industry makes widespread use of both AGM and GEL batteries. Either (SLA) or lead acid batteries with valve regulation are used (VRLA batteries). Regardless of the specific differences between AGM and GEL batteries, both kinds have the following traits in common:

  • These batteries are hermetically sealed, so they don't leak.
  • The "Deep-cycle" rating applies to these batteries. The battery was depleted to a level equal to or more than 80%. (So when it only remains at 20 percent capacity in the battery).
  • They discharge internally seldom.
  • Either none at all or very little greenhouse gas emissions are produced by them.
  • There are places where they may be utilized and recharged.

AGV battery timings Battery:

  • Depending on how much power they consume, GEL batteries in tiny AGV tractors or under-cart AGVs may last up to 12–16 hours.
  • These numbers represent a respectable trade-off in terms of battery working time and battery life. The GEL batteries can deliver between 40 and 50 percent of their DOD.
  • AGV battery packs require less battery power than vehicles driven by people.

Types of AGV battery:

  • Pure lead batteries for AGV: 

Pure Lead Acid Batteries for AGV AVG Battery is the brand name given to a secondary battery with plates 99.9% pure in lead. The very high purity of this battery increases its price because of the production process's refinement steps, but it also enhances the battery's performance and normal lifespan. This battery is projected to last between 8 and 10 years when used to 80 percent of its capacity before being refilled. When compared to normal lead-acid batteries, this lasts approximately twice as long. The plates of this battery are thinner than those in conventional lead-acid batteries, giving it a larger surface area and, thus, improved performance.

  • Flooded lead acid batteries:

The most popular type of battery is a flooded lead acid battery or deep cycle solar battery. It is often referred to as lead-acid batteries or "wet cells." It has a long history of usage, is simple to understand, and is the solar storage battery with the lowest initial outlay (though Lithium-ion solar batteries are more cost-effective over time). A flooded lead-acid AGV battery will experience water loss throughout the charging cycle. They must be often refilled with distilled water for them to continue working correctly and for you to stay healthy. Be aware that only distilled water should be used. They have low specific energy. It is possible to charge it gradually, and it will take between 14 and 16 hours to set it entirely saturated

  • Lithium batteries:

 Lithium batteries are an excellent option for systems that have high component needs. These AGV batteries feature a sturdy exterior, are water-resistant and include a battery management mechanism to deal with this situation. They are increasingly being used in a wide range of industries, from those requiring low power, like their incorporation into small electronic designs, to those requiring higher current, like the use of batteries for electric vehicles or PV systems, also known as solar panel systems, which are much more extensive applications.


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