Why do you need a battery for emergency lighting?

05 Dec, 2022

By hqt

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What exactly is the battery for emergency lighting?

Batteries are required to power emergency lights and illuminated exit signs. Those batteries are rechargeable for the emergency lamp to be ready and working. The circuitry within the emergency light activates the cell and ensures it has power. There are several reasons why battery for emergency lighting are essential:

  1. They offer a backup light source for power loss.
  2. During a power outage, they may brighten dim places.
  3. During an evacuation, they can be utilized to give illumination.

In the case of a power loss, emergency lighting batteries are utilized to supply backup power. The emergency lighting fixtures intended to provide illumination in the case of a power outage are often used in combination with them.

Battery for emergency lighting is a crucial component:

Emergency lighting systems depend on batteries in several ways. In the case of a power loss, they serve as a backup power source and guarantee that the lights will remain on even if the primary power source is lost. In addition to being reasonably priced and simple to install, batteries are a fantastic alternative for emergency illumination. Battery backup emergency lighting is a crucial safety component in case of a power loss. It ensures that individuals can leave a building without being hurt and that halls and stairwells are well-lit so that people can see where they are going. For enterprises that have fire code compliance requirements, battery backup emergency lighting is particularly crucial. 

How long are the batteries in emergency lights suitable?

  • The standard battery-check buttons are included for every emergency lighting. The emergency light gadget switches from AC power to emergency battery by pressing the check button. 
  • The battery's remaining charge may be seen on display thanks to it. If the battery cannot function for 90 minutes, a repair will be undertaken. A self-testing capability on some emergency light fixtures available today enables the appliance to function monthly and annually. Maintenance is no longer necessary by doing these inspections, and emergency lighting are more dependable. 
  • After a power failure, emergency lights can continue to operate for up to several hours, giving everyone plenty of time to escape. The lights may then be reset to turn on after the power has been restored. 

How frequently should batteries be changed in emergency lights?

  • You can replace the batteries in emergency lights without the help of an electrician. Knowing how long emergency light batteries last can help you follow the law and be ready in an emergency. 
  • According to OSHA requirements, owners of emergency lights must perform regular daily maintenance at least once a month and once a year. It will be necessary to replace the emergency light battery if the 90-second or 90-minute emergency alert tests are unsuccessful. 
  • Because most modern luminaires include a push-to-test feature that provides an accurate battery reading, the needed maintenance is quick and simple. 
  • The disconnect circuits of the device are activated when this check button is pressed, which trips the battery. While the battery is low, the lights do not illuminate. The charger has to be changed because of this.

Important information regarding emergency light batteries:

  • Before removing the emergency light battery, ensure that you first take note of the old battery's shape, voltage, and amperage. Most lights use nickel-cadmium and sealed lead-acid batteries as their primary internal power sources. 
  • Nickel-cadmium batteries are fast displacing lead-acid batteries to seal lead-smaller acid's look. Different sizes and styles of emergency light batteries are available. One of the most popular varieties of sealed lead acid cells for emergency light fittings is the 6-volt, 4.5-amp cell. 
  • It will be delivered and is priced affordably and effectively. Emergency lights may not function properly when a dangerous situation, such as a storm, affects building AC control. 
  • Routine emergency maintenance is required by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to ensure that the equipment functions in the event of a power outage.

Performance requirements for the battery for emergency lighting:

A vital component of public safety is emergency lights. To guarantee they work as intended in emergencies, OSHA and UL have established minimum performance criteria for emergency lights. Your emergency light batteries will perform as expected if you follow the fundamental criteria in this review.

  • Voltage: 

The amount of voltage your batteries need to supply is not subject to any set standards. On the other hand, most emergency lighting systems need 6V to 24V of electricity. The brightness of the lights depends on how much electricity the battery supplies. Remembering this is crucial if you want people to be able to recognize clear exits in the case of a fire.

  • Substantial recharge:

Battery for emergency lighting systems is designed to maintain a charge over time. Under normal circumstances, the building's electricity, which includes feeding a battery to keep it wholly charged, powers all emergency lights and exit lights. Only when the building's electricity is turned off does the battery take over for lighting the light. This is good news for lead acid batteries, which, when fully charged, decay relatively little over time. Thanks to the innovative sealed technologies that prevent the electrolyte liquid from separating and evaporating, these batteries may remain in place for years with little maintenance as long as they are not entirely depleted.


Checking the battery for emergency lighting regularly is crucial. Even though most batteries have a three to five years lifespan, some may need to be changed earlier. It may be time to change the batteries if you discover that your emergency lights are not functioning or lasting as long as they once did. Comparing it to traditional batteries reveals its advantages. Everyone can use it once it is made available. JIEYO batteries are characterized by a long lifespan and excellent power density. As the world changes, modern innovations become part of our everyday existence. By utilizing cutting-edge technology to its fullest potential to enhance people's lives, we wish to bring everything up to current. You may get one from us on our website.