Emergency battery benefits for your business

05 Dec, 2022

By hqt

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What is meant by an emergency Battery briefly?

  • A rechargeable battery used in emergency lights is known as an emergency light battery. Large housing complexes, manufacturing facilities, and commercial buildings need exit signs and emergency lighting. 
  • The tenants of buildings are left in the dark when a problem arises. Many facility managers fail to notice when lights stop working, even though they are almost always visible.
  • Building maintenance is essential to keeping your exit or emergency lights ready for the worst scenarios, and conserving the backup battery packs is essential to that task. Fortunately, performing it effectively is easy if you understand the basics of emergency light batteries, such as the emergency battery from JIEYO.
  • A battery used to supply the electricity in an emergency is known as an emergency battery. An emergency battery is a backup power supply that may utilize in an emergency. Emergency batteries can run lights, radios, and other necessary devices. 
  • Emergency batteries can power lights, appliances, and other essential items until the power is restored. In the case of a power outage or other emergency involving power, a device called an emergency battery is utilized to supply backup power.

Buying Jieyo Batteries has several benefits:

Jieyo batteries may benefit from quick and opportunity charging, enabling the battery to recharge entirely in less hours and quickly restore up to 40% of its depleted capacity. Our batteries offer the following feature: 

  • Long life cycle:

 Permits a long cycle-life, low-maintenance solution.

  • Easy Charging is offered: 

A central battery station is Not Necessary. No particular ventilation infrastructure is needed, and the battery may remain linked to the forklift during the charging process.

  • High Energy Output: 

Our technology produces more energy per unit volume, which improves discharge voltage and stability.

  • Emission-free:

Our li-ion batteries are an excellent choice for the pharmaceutical, food processing, and food manufacturing sectors since they are emission-free. The top emergency battery may be found at JIEYO.

The Function of Emergency battery:

Emergency lighting is usually connected to the building's primary electrical circuit using wiring to provide redundancy. Each emergency light has a unique battery that serves as a backup power source in the event the building loses electricity.

The batteries ensure the device fulfils its primary purpose, although this might be expensive. Comparatively speaking, batteries have a much shorter lifespan than other lighting components. Therefore, it is necessary to test every emergency light to ensure the battery can sustain it for at least 90 minutes. 

Why utilize an emergency Jieyo battery?

  • Reliability & Quality:

We take pleasure in offering market items that are economical and high quality, with a guarantee that is twice as long as the industry average. Our Research & Development engineers create and develop every jieyo product in-house. They are rigorously tested to ensure the durability and dependability of the products.

  • Sustainability & Safety:

All of the emergency battery made by jieyo Technology utilize long life spans and energy-efficient LEDs to save operational and maintenance expenses.

Types of emergency batteries:

  • NiCd batteries:

Rechargeable NiCd batteries are an option for power tools, floor sweepers, forklift trucks, and other battery-operated machinery. They have been enhanced to provide more capacity, longer life, and high cycle capability using the same charging method as Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries.

  • NiMH batteries:

In current commercial hybrid electric vehicles, NiMH batteries are used. In UPS, solar power storage, surveillance, and alarm systems, 12V lithium-ion batteries are often utilized. Additionally, it is utilized in cordless power tools, including drills, hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers to replace NiCd batteries. Comparing NiCd vs NiMH batteries, NiMH batteries are more robust and hold more charge. They also don't emit hydrogen gas when charging, making them well-liked by both amateurs and professionals.

  • LiFePO4 battery:

The lithium ions in a lithium-ion battery (sometimes referred to as a lithium battery) migrate from the cathode electrode to the anode electrode during discharge and back again during charging. One of the most powerful batteries on the market is the LiFePO4 battery. The lifepo4 battery has a longer lifespan and can endure more charge/discharge cycles than conventional rechargeable batteries, including lead-acid batteries.

Benefits of emergency batteries for your business:

  • Rechargeable emergency batteries are a dependable power source to maintain emergency illumination preparedness. However, with the jieyo Emergency LED battery backup, there is no need to use different sizes. 
  • Emergency light batteries often come in several sizes and voltages, and they must be matched to the voltage of the LED lights when the battery is being replaced. Regardless of whether the voltage is too small or too high, the emergency battery will ensure that the LED lighting's intensity is brilliant and constant. Additionally, this guarantees the battery will charge fully regardless of the voltage level.
  • We were fire-resistant guarantees that the battery backup will continue to provide power to emergency escape signs or routes in the event of an electrical short circuit or fire. Our new, cutting-edge battery pack operates more efficiently with all of our features, requiring less maintenance and other needless expenses.


JIEYO Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech firm that produces, researches, develops and sells rechargeable emergency batteries. We appreciate our relationships and think of our clients as lifelong partners. We accomplish this by providing top-notch, personalized services and placing a priority on our clients. The field's most enthusiastic and knowledgeable professionals, from engineers to salespeople to service technicians. The most recent goods, tools, and technology ensure the highest level of performance. Solutions tailored to your needs and budget, along with continuing consultation. Jieyo continues to provide high-quality and competitively priced batteries to all customers following an effective management system, robust development capabilities, meticulous application of the quality system, flawless product performance, and a rapid response service system.