Protect your home with home battery backup systems

31 Jan, 2023

By hqt

home battery backup systems

What is meant by home battery backup systems?

  • Systems that save electricity for use during a power outage are known as home battery backup systems. These systems generally include a battery bank and an inverter, which transforms the DC electricity stored into AC power, which may be utilized to run electronics and appliances throughout the house.
  • Some home battery backup systems also come with a charger, which enables them to be recharged while the power is on using electricity from the grid. Home battery backup systems can help minimize grid dependency and offer a dependable power supply during disruptions. Additionally, they may be utilized to store extra solar energy during cloudy days. 

Home battery backup systems' qualities:

The purpose of home battery backup systems, sometimes referred to as home energy storage systems or house batteries, store extra electricity produced by solar panels or make them accessible by the grid for usage during blackouts or other periods of high energy demand. Home battery backup systems include a few main features, such as:

  • Capacity:

 The battery's capacity, commonly expressed in kilowatt-hours, relates to how much power it can hold (kWh).

  • Depth of discharge: 

This describes how much of the battery's capacity may be utilized before it has to be recharged. A battery with a high depth of discharge may be drained many times before it has to be recharged, whereas a battery with a low depth of discharge requires more frequent recharges.

  • Charge/discharge rate: 

This describes how quickly a battery can be charged or discharged. It is commonly expressed in kilowatts (kW). A battery with a high charge/discharge rate can receive or discharge a lot of power quickly.

  • Round-trip efficiency:

A battery's efficiency in storing and releasing power is referred to as round-trip efficiency. When charging and discharging, a battery with a high round-trip efficiency will lose less energy than a battery with a low round-trip efficiency.

  • Lifespan: 

This describes how many charging and discharging cycles a battery can withstand before it starts to deteriorate. A battery with a higher life expectancy won't need to be replaced as frequently.

  • Warranty: 

This is a promise made by the manufacturer that the battery will function as promised for a specified amount of time. When buying a home battery backup system, it's crucial to consider the guarantee's duration and conditions.

Which benefits do home battery backup systems offer?

Home Battery Backup

Home battery backup systems are becoming more and more common as people search for energy sources that are more dependable, efficient, and affordable. You can make sure that you and your family are ready for any power outages or storms by installing one of these backup systems. When the power goes out, battery backup systems can keep you powered up while safeguarding your expensive devices and appliances. You can be sure that your home is secure and safe during any storm if you have everything set up properly. The solutions provide off-grid energy storage, power management, and energy efficiency solutions, all of which may be used to lower energy expenses. 

  • Power during outages: 

During power outages, a house battery may supply electricity, enabling you to operate crucial equipment and appliances.

  • Energy independence: 

By storing extra electricity produced by solar panels or made accessible by the grid, a house battery can help you become more independent from the utility grid.

  • Saving money: 

Using stored power instead of buying it from the grid during periods of high demand, when electricity rates are normally higher, is one way a home battery can help you save money on your electricity bill.

  • Backup power for vital appliances: 

In the event of a power outage, a house battery may supply backup power for equipment like refrigerators and sump pumps.

  • Reduced environmental impact: 

By storing surplus renewable energy with a home battery, you may reduce your carbon footprint and support sustainable energy sources.

  • Increased resiliency: 

A home battery may make your house more resilient by acting as a backup power source in times of emergencies and natural catastrophes.

Purchasing Jieyo Batteries systems provides a number of advantages:

Jieyo batteries may benefit from rapid and convenient charging, which enables the battery to recharge completely in less hours and quickly restore up to 40% of its lost capacity. The following feature is provided by our batteries:

  • A long life cycle:

Allows for a low-maintenance, long-cycle-life solution.

  • It is possible to charge quickly: 

A central battery station is not required. No special ventilation system is required, and the battery may still be connected to the forklift while it charges.

  • High Energy Output:

Our technology has a higher energy output per unit volume, which enhances the voltage and stability of the discharge.

  • Emission-free:

 Our home battery backup is emission-free, making them a great option for the pharmaceutical, food processing, and food manufacturing industries. JIEYO offers the best emergency battery.

  • Reliability and Quality:

 We take pride in providing products for the market that are affordable, of good quality, and come with a warranty that is twice as long as the industry standard. Each Jieyo product is designed and developed internally by our research and development engineers. To ensure the dependability and durability of the items, they are put through rigorous testing.


Home battery backup systems are becoming a more and more common solution to keep homes and businesses running during power outages. These backup systems provide various benefits, including storing energy for later use and offering energy security during power outages. Batteries can also aid in lowering energy prices and promoting the development of renewable energy sources. Following an efficient management system, strong development capabilities, rigorous application of the quality system, perfect product performance, and a quick response service system, JIEYO continues to offer high-quality and reasonably priced batteries to all clients.