Why you should consider home battery backup?

19 Dec, 2022

By hqt

battery energy storage systems

What is meant by home battery backup?

Home battery backup is becoming more and more common as customers become more conscious of their energy usage and the need to be more energy efficient. In order to increase energy efficiency and lower your power cost, home battery storage is becoming more and more common. By storing extra power during off-peak hours and using it when electricity prices are higher, you may lower your electricity bills with the correct equipment.

How did we decide on these battery backup solutions for homes?

We carefully evaluated peak, start, and operating voltage and amperage in addition to retail prices and installation expenses. Since they are long-term installations, you must ensure that the system can support the daily electrical demand generated by all of your equipment. If you select a system with less capacity than you require, you run the danger of frying the wiring throughout your entire home; however, if you select one with sufficient capacity, not only will everything operate without a hitch, but you will also have room to grow as your power demands alter.

Home battery backup maximizes the use of personal energy:

  • All year long, a home battery backup system is a fantastic way to supply your entire home with clean, environmentally friendly electricity. Additionally, modular systems allow for the addition of storage batteries or solar panels as needed to meet fluctuating energy demands.
  • You require backup power from a battery system or battery backup unit if there is a power outage and it appears that it will last for a long time. If you live in an area where power outages frequently occur, you might want to think about installing a set of backup batteries to provide you with power while you are off the grid.
  • These battery storage systems can be made up of either dry batteries or wet batteries. Lithium-ion batteries for mobile devices or lithium ferro phosphate batteries, which are frequently used in solar battery backup systems, are typical types of dry batteries. They frequently perform poorly in extreme heat or cold, and some of them won't function at all if the temperature remains below freezing.
  • But these costs for returning energy to the grid have fluctuated significantly throughout the years and are subject to alter at any time. Your ability to manage and store all of your extra power is referred to as battery storage.
  • Instead of selling excess energy back to the grid if your solar panel system is producing more energy than you use, you may store it using these batteries.
  • You may then use the power from these batteries when there is poor visibility or inclement weather. You effectively have far more control over how you use the energy your house generates if you have a battery backup.
  • If you have solar panels, you might be able to make it until the grid takes over when your electricity runs out. You will, however, once again be without electricity if the grid goes down.
  • When you have a battery backup, you may keep utilizing your home's energy as long as there is still power in your batteries during a period when all power is out or unavailable.

What kind of load can your battery backup system handle?

When figuring out how much battery power you'll need, pay close attention to the peak demand in KWh per day. Most backup systems will be able to handle this if your energy needs are minimal, as for lights. You must take peak loads into consideration as well, though, if you need to run equipment like sump pumps, air conditioning, or hefty start-load items.

The pros of home battery backup:

Home Battery Backup

Customers are discovering that home battery backup,  systems can lessen reliance on the power grid and decrease costs during peak-energy hours, which has led to the rise in popularity of home battery systems among many homeowners as we move toward time-of-use pricing, a model in which customers are charged a different rate based on the energy they use at specific times of the day.

  • Become more environmentally conscious:

A wonderful approach to lessen your carbon footprint is to make your house entirely self-sufficient and off the grid. Being "green" wasn't always viewed as a dependable method to get through the day, especially when it comes to energy sources. The battery backup system to your solar electricity, are both environmentally friendly and yet dependable thanks to newer technology and tried-and-true items, they are both reliable and green.

  • There is no noise pollution:

There is no noise pollution from their batteries. Some homes who have a backup generator will be aware of the noise that some of these can produce, which may make for a very displeased neighbor. However, if you have a solar system with battery backup, your neighbors won't notice if the electricity goes out. Not only will you have your own electricity, but you won't have a cranky neighbor who is sick of hearing and seeing that you have lights on when they don't.

  • Reduce your use of power:

Without a doubt, installing a battery backup will significantly reduce your electricity expenditures if you want to do so. You may generate your own power and become self-sufficient, which will allow you to avoid paying the fees that electricity providers seek to charge you and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on electricity bills.


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