12v 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack



This 12V lifepo4 battery can achieve more than 6000+ cycles, which lasts up to 4 times longer than a lead-acid battery battery. The inside BMS can automatically stop recharging under the temperature of 0 ℃ and also can prevent the battery from the most common issue, such as temperature volatility, overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, overloading, overheating. It also can be extended up to 4 in series and 4 in parallel (Max 4S4P) to get more capacity (Max. 400Ah) and higher voltage. This 12V lifepo4 battery can widely run your golf cart, RV, motorhome, boat, marine, camper, electric forklift, trolling motor, electric motorcycle and so on.
Battery Performance
  • Nominal Voltage:12.8V
  • Nominal Capacity:200Ah
  • Nominal Energy:2560Wh
  • Internal Resistance:≤10mΩ @ 50% SOC
  • Self Discharge:<3% / Month
Charge Performance
  • Recommended Charge Current:70A
  • Maximum Charge Current:≤150A
  • Recommended Charge Voltage:14.4V
  • BMS Charge Cut-Off Voltage:<14.6V(3.65V/Cell)
  • Reconnect Voltage:>14.2V(3.55V/Cell)
  • Balancing Voltage:<14.1V(3.525V/Cell)
Discharge Performance
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge Current:100A
  • Peak Discharge Current:≤200A(≤5S)
  • BMS Discharge Cut-Off Current:300A ±43.3A(50-150ms)
  • Recommended Low Voltage Disconnect:9.2V(2.3V/Cell)
  • BMS Discharge Cut-Off Voltage:>9.2 V (2s) (2.3V/Cell)
  • Reconnect Voltage:>10.8 V (2.7V/Cell)
  • Short Circuit Protection:450 ~ 800 μs
Temperature Performance
  • Discharge Temperature:-4 ~ 131 ºF (-20 ~ 55 ºC)
  • Charge Temperature:32 ~ 113 ºF (0 ~ 45 ºC)
  • Storage Temperature:23 ~ 95 ºF (-5 ~ 35 ºC)
  • BMS High Temperature Cut-Off:149 ºF (65 ºC)
  • Reconnect Temperature:131 ºF (55 ºC)

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