High Grade Lithium Battery For A Stun Gun

11 Mar, 2023

By hqt

Vipertek Stun Gun Lithium Battery Replacement

What is a stun gun? Which Battery is used in it?

A stun gun, as the name explains, is an electroshock weapon formally known as Taser for personal self-defense. It is handheld, portable and lightweight to carry but leaves a high voltage electric shock to temporarily disable the attacker. Meanwhile victim get a chance to esacpe escape or seek for help. 

Stun guns are legally allowed to carry if used for self-defense purpose. They are widely used by law enforcement agencies, security personnel, police and private citizens.

"Vipertek" is a well known safety equipment manufacturing company who's stun gun's lithium battery is available at JIEYO. Their tesar is equipped with a powerful electric current to immobilize an attacker for a few seconds or more. However, a high powered electroshock is only possible in the presence of high-power backup. Therefore, in a nutshell which battery is used in a stun-gun the answer is a lithium-ion battery to provide instant powerful shock. But overtime these batteries can loose its power and needs replacement.

Lithium batteries are lightweight, compact, and contain high charge density thus making it a perfect choice for Stun Gun.

Among many different types of stun guns, and tasers we are going to discuss VIPERTEK VTS tesar product.

How Does A Stun Gun Works? 

A stun gun is easy to operate, using a switch button. A victim can down its target at the moment when they both are close to each other. These tasers don’t have a range, therefore, the upper part of the Electric Rifle from where the shock is released should touch the attacker’s body while pressing the button. 

A stun gun has many features apart from just releasing the shock. It is designed with safety in mind by adding a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. Similarly, there is a powerful flashlight to assist in the dark. Moreover, a usb port is given to charge up your mobile phones multiple times taking advantage of a powerful battery backup.

Some manufacturers like VIPERTEK also offer wrist straps or holsters for easy carrying or hanging on the wall to keep reach out from children.

Although all the newer versions of stun guns contain a rechargeable battery, a battery can lose its charging ability over time therefore replacing a battery is required.

taser switched on - Vipertek Stun Gun
That's how it works when you switch it on!

When Do You Need To Replace Your Stun Gun Battery?

A faulty Stun Gun can be noticed in many different ways. Usually a battery becomes faulty because of releasing high power electric shock quickly. Here’s how to tell if the lithium ion battery is bad and needs replacement in a VIPERTEK stun gun:

  • Draining battery charge quickly
  • A battery loses its charge even when not in use. Also known as “Lithium Battery is no longer holding a charge
  • Takes lot of time to charge
  • A swollen battery or heating up
  • An electroshock power is weaker than before 

Since you have noticed that the battery has to be replaced. You need to purchase a new lithium battery from a trusted supplier. A custom lithium battery is also a solution for locally made tesars who's replacement battery is hard to find.

How to Replace A Lithium Battery in a Stun Gun?

When replacing the battery, it is important you have a Stun Gun manufacturer’s instruction book. You first need to find a compatible battery with the same serial number and model. The manual will also guide you replacing a battery with precautions..

Here’s how you can replace a stun gun battery with a general guide:

Follow these steps:

  • Switch off the stun gun or taser.
  • Open the case by unscrewing all the screws in an anticlockwise direction.
  • Locate the battery box and unplug the battery.
  • Now unseal the old battery and pull it out.
  • Mount the new Li-Ion battery and plug the terminals.
  • Reseal the battery, make sure the terminals are tightly fixed.
  • Close the casing and screw tight them.
  • Now charge the new lithium battery and enjoy using it.


The Stun Gun or Taser is a popular self-defense weapon with a purpose to immobilize attackers to give victim a chance to escape. The taser is equipped with a heavy duty lithium ion battery (Li-Ion) backup followed by capacitors that releases a high voltage for self defense. 

Although the lifespan of a lithium ion battery is high but it can become faulty and replacing the battery is crucial at that time. Therefore, in these circumstances it is best to replace your faulty battery with a new heavy duty Li-ion battery that re-powers the stun gun. Whatever is your manufacturer, a good quality replacement battery can be purchased from JIEYO. It is a trusted supplier of all types of modern batteries and power stations.

Among many other sellers the JIEYO battery offers "A" grade custom lithium ion battery technology that can perfectly fit on your any tesar or VIPERTEK Stun Gun.