Use Wall Space in Your Home by Using Wall Mounted Battery

21 Mar, 2023

By hqt

battery energy storage systems

What is meant by a wall mounted battery?

  • Mounts are a great method to easily and securely install strong batteries. They offer the benefit of rapid Charging and easy setup. They offer various mounting options and are also compatible with various wall stud types. They are perfect for outdoor camping and maritime applications. 
  • For several reasons, wall-mounted batteries are a desirable alternative. It provides space-saving advantages in addition to high efficiency, which is essential in harsh environments. Batteries that are installed on walls are particularly resistant to harm from dampness, resonance, and other factors. It has a long lifespan due to its high energy density. The wall-mounted battery is also incredibly simple to install and maintain.

What does a wall-mounted battery's purpose necessarily involve?

In order to store solar energy for use later when the grid is not available, a wall mount battery is a crucial component of any battery system. In order to guarantee there is backup power in the case of a power outage or blackout, this battery system is crucial since it lessens entire reliance on grid electricity. Depending on the battery's size, a wall mounted battery system can use solar energy to store electricity, monitor power interruptions, and supply the home with electricity for days.

battery energy storage systems

How do you pick the best battery for a wall mount?

The manufacturing processes and materials utilized to create the battery system are crucial factors to take into account when selecting the finest wall mount battery. Be sure the best and most reputable company produces the wall mount battery you choose since this will affect the performance and longevity of the battery system. Always consider both the amount of experience the jieyo company uses and the level of competence used in the battery's production. Moreover, always go with a can alter the battery's design to fit its intended use. We accomplish this by providing top-notch, personalized services and placing a priority on our clients.

The Benefits of purchasing Jieyo Batteries: 

Jieyo batteries may benefit from quick and opportunity charging, enabling the battery to fully recharge in fewer hours and recover up to 40% of its depleted capacity quickly. Our batteries offer the following feature:

  • Long life cycle: 

Permits a long cycle-life, low-maintenance solution.

  • Simple Charging is offered:

 A central battery station is not required. No special ventilation infrastructure is needed, and the battery may remain linked to the forklift during the Charging process.

  • High Energy Output: 

Our technology produces more energy per unit volume, which improves discharge voltage and stability. Our wall mounted batteries are an excellent choice for the pharmaceutical, food processing, and food manufacturing sectors since they are emission-free.

The Recommended Practices for Battery wall mounted battery:

It's critical to adhere to basic recommended practices for maintenance so that your wall mounted batteries are always ready to use. Your batteries should be charged fully before use and kept in a cold, dry environment for storage. It is also crucial to check your batteries for rust or damage and replace them as necessary.

The design and characterization of a wall-mounted battery:

In principle, a wall mounted battery that has been well-built and described should be dependable, secure, and capable of supplying energy in an emergency. In designing and describing wall mounted batteries, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • Battery capacity: 

The battery's capacity should be chosen based on how long the mounted battery is expected to last. The standard unit of measurement for capacity is ampere-hours (Ah), and a higher capacity corresponds to a longer runtime. Rechargeable batteries should be used, and the Charging circuit should be designed to ensure that the batteries are charged correctly without being overheated or damaged.

  • Battery able to track:

The battery must have a monitoring circuit that keeps track of the battery level and alerts the user when a battery replacement or recharge is necessary.

  • Battery checking: 

The battery has to be checked to ensure it is operational and has sufficient power and duration. This comprises assessing the battery's rate of discharge, ability to sustain voltage during use, and charge endurance.

  • Battery safety: 

The battery must be guarded against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits that might endanger safety or cause damage to the battery.

  • Type of battery: 

When choosing the battery type to use, it is significant to examine the specific necessities for wall-mounted batteries, including their voltage, capacity, and expected runtime. Lithium-ion batteries and NiMH batteries are often used for emergency lighting applications.

Why use a Jieyo battery that is wall mounted battery?

  • Reliability and Quality: 

We take pride in providing affordable market products of good quality, with a warranty twice as long as the norm in the industry. Every jieyo product is designed and developed by our Research and Development engineers on-site. They are put through rigorous testing to guarantee the items' dependability and durability.

  • Durability and protection:

 Jieyo Technologies uses extended life spans and energy-efficient design in all its wall-mounted battery products to save operating and maintenance costs.


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