A Whole Home Battery Backup is the Key to a Reliable Power Supply

23 Mar, 2023

By hqt

Battery backup for the home

How can you know more about whole home power backup?

Whole Home battery backup is a concept that's gaining popularity as consumers become more aware of how much energy they use and the need to be more energy-efficient. The use of house batteries is rising in popularity as a way to improve energy efficiency and reduce power costs. You may reduce your electricity costs with the right technology by storing additional energy during off-peak hours and using it when electricity rates are higher.

How did we choose these home battery backup options?

  • We carefully considered retail prices, installation costs, peak, start, operating voltage and amperage. You must make sure the system can meet the daily electrical demand produced by all of your equipment because these systems are meant to last a long time.
  • In contrast, if you choose a system with enough capacity, everything will work without a hitch, and you will have room to expand as your power needs change. If you choose a system with less capacity than you need, you risk frying the wiring throughout your home.

How much power can your entire house battery backup system support?

Pay particular attention to the peak demand in KWh per day when calculating how much battery power you'll need for your home. If your energy requirements are small, such as for lighting, the majority of backup systems can manage this. Yet, if you need to run machineries like sump pumps, air conditioners, or heavy startup loads, you must also consider peak loads.

What benefits are associated with whole home battery backup?

Customers are learning that home battery backup systems can reduce reliance on the power grid and costs during peak-energy hours, which has caused home battery systems to become more and more popular among homeowners as we transition to time-of-use pricing, a pricing model in which customers are charged a different rate depending on the amount of energy they use at specific times of the day.

If you wish to do so, adding a whole home battery backup will help you spend less money on electricity. Being self-sufficient and generating your energy will enable you to avoid paying the fees that electricity suppliers want to charge you and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on electricity bills.

  • They don't cause any pollution problems: 

The noise that certain backup generators may create will be known to those households with them, which might make for a very irritated neighbour. If you have a solar power system with a battery backup, your neighbours won't know if the power goes out. You won't have a grumpy neighbour tired of hearing and seeing that you have lights on when they don't, in addition to having your electricity.

  • Growing environmental awareness:

Making your home completely self-sufficient and off the grid is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and show that you care about the environment. Being "green" wasn't always regarded as a reliable means to get through the day, particularly regarding energy sources. Thanks to updated technology and tried-and-true components, the battery backup system for your solar power is both dependable and ecologically beneficial.

What specific tasks are carried out by battery storage systems?

  • The whole Battery energy storage systems are more advanced than the batteries you keep in your kitchen drawer or put in your kids' toys. Renewable energy sources, including solar energy, are used to generate electricity, which might be used to run a battery storage system.
  • Energy is collected from the battery bank for the home system to keep prices down and the electricity on during periods of high demand. 
  • Energy production is controlled by smart battery software, and computerized control systems are utilized to determine whether to release energy to the grid or store it for backup.
storage battery for home

There are several aspects of purchasing Jieyo Batteries systems:

Jieyo batteries may take advantage of quick and simple charging, which enables the battery to recharge entirely in less time and quickly restore up to 40% of its lost capacity. Our batteries offer the subsequent benefit:

  • High-Intensity Output: 

Our technique produces more energy per unit volume than previous methods, improving the discharge's voltage and stability.

  • Quality and Dependability: 

We take pleasure in offering reasonably priced, high-quality items for the market, and come with a guarantee twice as long as the industry norm. Our internal research and development engineers create and develop every Jieyo product. The products are put through extensive testing to verify their dependability and longevity.

  • Emission-free: 

Our home batteries are a wonderful choice for the pharmaceutical, food processing, and food manufacturing businesses since they emit no emissions. JIEYO provides the top emergency battery.

  • Long cycle solution:

An extended cycle life enables a low-maintenance, long-cycle solution.

  • Rapid charging speed:

Rapid charging is feasible and not dependent on a central battery station. The battery may continue to be attached to the forklift while it charges, and there is no need for a specific ventilation system.


JIEYO whole home battery backup satisfies or exceeds the majority of requirements in all applications. In order to have a consistent supply of power in case of an emergency or power outage, more and more households are installing home batteries as a backup. They provide an extra layer of protection by letting households use their essential appliances and gadgets even in the event of a power outage. We offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. Jieyo continues to provide all customers with premium batteries at competitive prices by maintaining a well-organized administration system, strong expansion capabilities, strict application of quality organization, flawless product presentation, and a quick response service arrangement. Our batteries either surpass or meet the majority of standards.