What Are the Advantages of Polymer Lithium-ion Batteries?

14 Dec, 2021

By hqt


Advantages of Polymer Lithium-ion Batteries

  • The structure type of polymer lithium-ion battery adopts plastic steel plastic soft packaging, which is different from the plastic shell of liquid rechargeable battery. Once a safety risk occurs, the liquid rechargeable battery is very prone to explosion, while the liquid rechargeable battery only has an air drum condition.
  • The thickness of the rechargeable battery is small, and it can be made into a thinner general liquid lithium battery. Choose the method of ordering the case first and plugging the battery cathode material. The thickness is as follows. There are technical shortcomings. Polymer lithium batteries will not have this problem. , The thickness is below millimeters, which meets the requirements of fashionable mobile phones.
  • Compared with the aluminum shell lithium battery rechargeable battery of the same volume specification model, the weight is 40% light, and the lightweight aluminum shell rechargeable battery is 20%.
  • The polymer lithium battery with a large battery capacity is 10%~15% higher than the aluminum shell battery of the same specification and 5%~10% higher than the aluminum shell rechargeable battery. It is the best choice for colorful display mobile phones and mobile MMS mobile phones.
  • Polymer lithium batteries with low internal resistance need to be smaller than ordinary liquid rechargeable batteries. This greatly reduces the self-consumption of rechargeable batteries and increases the battery life on mobile phones. This type of battery is suitable for high-current charging and discharging. Polymer lithium batteries are more suitable as an ideal choice for remote control methods and become the most anticipated alternative to nickel-metal-hydride rechargeable batteries.
  • According to the need to increase or decrease the thickness of the rechargeable battery, we can develop and design new batteries with high quality and low price, short cycle time, and some can also customize the polymer lithium battery according to the appearance of the mobile phone to flexibly use the indoor space of the rechargeable battery case To increase battery power.
  • Polymer lithium batteries with good charge and discharge characteristics use colloidal solution electrolyte solution. Compared with liquid electrolyte solution, the charge and discharge characteristics of colloidal solution electrolyte solution are stable, and the charge and discharge service platform is high.
  • The thermal insulation board design is simple, because the high polymer raw materials are used, the rechargeable battery is not easy to catch fire, and it is not easy to explode. The rechargeable battery itself will have a sufficient safety factor, so it can be considered to save PTC and PTC, thereby saving charging Battery cost fee.