Why do you need a battery backup for the home?

24 Apr, 2023

By hqt

Battery backup for the home

Are you interested to know about battery backup for the home?

  • Battery backup for the home may be a great method to ensure you have electricity in an emergency or power loss. Home battery backup systems are a common technique for homeowners to safeguard their investments in their houses and homes in the case of a power loss. Battery backups offer a dependable source of standby power and may be utilised to maintain the operation of essential services and appliances during power outages. To guarantee safety and optimum performance, you should also ensure the system is compatible with your current electrical system and installed and maintained by a skilled specialist. It's crucial to consider your unique requirements and financial situation when selecting a battery backup system for your house. 
  • If your home has a battery backup, you can have a dependable electricity supply during a power outage. In addition, it may be used to save energy during peak hours and safeguard your house from harm brought on by power surges. In natural disasters, it can also give you access to a backup power source. They can offer a source of power for portable gadgets as well as enough electricity to keep necessary systems and appliances functioning.

How Battery backup for the home provides an uninterrupted power supply?

  • When the grid-like solar sheets are operating, house battery backup systems provide an uninterrupted power supply by storing electrical energy in the battery. Your home's battery backup system automatically starts supplying electricity when the grid goes down or when renewable sources aren't accessible.
  • For your home's electrical system to utilize the AC power produced by the battery backup system, it must first be converted from the DC power stored in the battery. The system employs an inverter to convert DC electricity to AC power, which is then delivered to your home's electrical circuits via the electrical panel of the backup system.
  • Your house will continue to have continuous power from the battery backup system during a power outage, enabling you to keep using essential appliances and gadgets.
  • battery backup for the home may offer a dependable and uninterrupted power supply during power outages or crises, providing you peace of mind and guaranteeing that your family and home are secure and comfortable.

Introducing a 48V 100Ah home battery backup system:

Introducing a 48V 100Ah home battery backup system is a more intelligent approach to giving your house surge-free, eco-friendly power backup. Solar panels or a charger can recharge the 48V 100Ah battery. The consumer can select the billing method that best suits their need. For instance, if you occasionally have unplanned power outages, a 48V 100Ah home battery backup system with a charger might be useful. But spending money on a solar battery charging system is good if you live somewhere with harsh weather or frequent power outages. 

  • Improved Energy Effectiveness: 

By storing surplus energy produced by renewable energy sources, this home battery backup system can assist in improving the energy efficiency of your home. When the demand for electricity at home exceeds the supply, this stored energy may be utilised, minimizing your dependency on the grid and, eventually, cutting your energy costs.

Battery backup for the home
  • Enhanced Power Consistency: 

Power outages can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, particularly in the case of severe weather. You can ensure you always have a dependable power supply in case of an outage with the aid of this home battery backup system. This technique can give your house many hours of continuous electricity, allowing you time to deal with the crisis or wait for the power to be restored from the grid.

  • Better Control Over Power Supply: 

A 48V 100Ah home battery backup system allows you more control over the power supply in your house. To save energy, you can run some essential loads, such as your refrigerator or medical equipment, while leaving the backup system off for the remainder of your house. Thanks to this flexibility, you may customize your power supply to meet your unique demands, which can lower your energy expenses.

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: 

A home battery backup system can also help you minimize your carbon footprint by enabling you to use renewable energy sources more effectively. You may lessen your dependency on fossil fuels and your environmental effect by storing extra energy generated by solar or wind power systems.

  • Less Expensive to Maintain: 

Compared to alternative backup systems like generators, home battery backup requires comparatively less maintenance. Because of their extended lifespan and low maintenance requirements, lithium-ion batteries used in these systems can help you save money over the long haul.

  • Home Value Increased: 

Installing a 48V 100Ah battery backup system can help raise the value of your house. A home battery backup system might be a desirable selling element that distinguishes your property from others on the market. Homebuyers are growing more interested in energy-efficient and sustainable amenities.

  • Improved power quality:

A 48V 100Ah home battery backup system can also enhance the quality of your house's power supply. You may safeguard your electrical equipment from harm brought on by power surges or fluctuations in grid power by offering a steady and constant electricity supply.

JIEYO 48V 100Ah Home Battery Backup System Additional Features:

  • You receive a battery backup system that is economical.
  • It is lightweight and transportable.
  • It provides two types of charging: conventional charging and solar charging.
  • The item will be sent in additional secure packaging.
  • For every home, a 48V 100Ah home battery backup system is suitable.
  • The surge protection function ensures the rated output will be correct.
  • To cover the complete backup system, we provide a unique warranty.
  • Choose between a Ni-MH or a Li-Ion battery backup for your house.


The high-quality lithium-ion batteries used in JIEYO battery backup for the home is intended to survive for several years with little upkeep. We also have cutting-edge safety measures to guard against risks like overcharging and overheating. Our systems may be charged using renewable energy sources like solar panels and are intended to supply your house with dependable backup power during blackouts or other crises.