The Essentials of Emergency Light Battery

10 Mar, 2023

By hqt

emergency light battery

What do you mean by emergency light battery?

  • A useful choice for providing light in emergencies is emergency lighting powered by batteries. This type of lighting is durable, inexpensive, and straightforward to install. Each facility, whether it is residential or commercial, needs batteries for emergency lighting.
  • Battery-powered emergency lights can be a great alternative in areas without power or where power supplies might be unreliable, even though many emergency lights are powered by electricity. The most common emergency lighting uses batteries and must be trustworthy, powerful, and durable.
  • As a result, an emergency light battery is essential. Batteries provide a reliable power source because blackouts won't harm them. Also, they are easy to install, lightweight, and portable.
  • Despite the fact that emergency lights may be supplied by a wide range of different sources, batteries are typically the best option. An emergency's proper illumination might be the difference between safety and danger.

Positive outcomes of purchasing batteries from JIYEO include:

Jieyo emergency light battery can benefit from rapid and opportunity charging, which enables the battery to recharge completely in fewer hours and immediately restore up to 40% of its lost capacity. Our batteries provide the following feature:

  • Enables a low-maintenance, extended cycle-life solution.
  • High Energy Output: Our technology has a higher energy output per unit volume, enhancing the discharge's voltage and stability.
  • Our li-ion batteries are a tremendous asset to the pharmaceutical, food processing, and industrial industries.
  • The best replacement batteries for emergency lights are available from JIEYO.
  • The field's most enthusiastic and knowledgeable professionals, from engineers to salespeople to service technicians. The newest tools, machinery, and technology ensure the highest level of performance. Solutions that are specially designed for your company and your budget, together with continuing advice.
  • Simple Charging is Available, and a central battery station is Optional. No specific ventilation system is required, and the battery may still be connected to the forklift while it charges.

What Batteries to Use for Emergency Lighting?

It's time to pick the ideal battery for your emergency light battery now that you are aware of the various battery kinds and their ratings. It's crucial to take into account the kind of emergency lights you're using and how long the battery will be required to power it when selecting a battery. For instance, if you're using a flashlight, your amp-hour need will be smaller than if you're using a lantern.

The benefits of using rechargeable batteries for emergency lighting:

  • The most practical and economical alternative is rechargeable batteries, the ideal battery for emergency lights.
  • You don't have to worry about the batteries running out of power or needing to be replaced because rechargeable batteries may be recharged several times. 
  • Alkaline batteries are less ecologically friendly and less strong and long-lasting than rechargeable batteries.

What procedure is used to maintain the emergency light's batteries?

  • By frequently inspecting the lights, the batteries may be kept in good condition, and the illumination of evacuation zones is protected. A monthly examination of each emergency lighting system is required.
  • The test should last sufficient time to confirm that the luminaire operates effectively while limiting any damage to the system's components, such as the lights and batteries.
  • Press and hold this button for around 30 seconds to ensure your lights don't go off or dim. If your light starts to fade or your bulbs aren't working properly, you should call a professional as soon as possible to restore it. The battery should be changed every four years, although it does happen occasionally.
  • Ensuring sure your batteries are in top condition is essential. The statement states that a building must have sufficient lighting so that people may evacuate and see the firefighting equipment. On the casing of each emergency light is a test button.
  • It's crucial to adhere to basic best practices for maintenance to keep your emergency light battery ready to use at all times. 
  • Batteries should be charged fully before use and kept in a cold, dry area when not in use. Also, it's critical to check your batteries for deterioration or damage and replace them as necessary.

Benefits of the SC2500mAh 3.6 volts at 70 °C emergency light battery pack for high temperatures:

  • Energy: 3.6V.
  • 2.5Ah is the size.
  • The maximum charging current is 2.5A.
  • Current discharge is limited to 2A.
  • -0 to 70 °C for the charge temperature.
  • Range of Discharging: -20 to 70 °C.
  • Two years of coverage.
  • Application: Miner's lanterns, security lights, and emergency lighting
  • The safety of the battery pack complies with UL and IEC standards.
  • The shipping arrangements are FOB Shenzhen or HK (C&F and DDP are available too).
  • Dimensions: roughly 23*25*132mm; weight: 150g.
  • One cycle contains 500 cycles.
emergency light battery

How well do lights function in an emergency?

Emergency lighting must provide sufficient illumination along the escape path in the event of a mains power failure so that building occupants may do so safely. It lights the area in an emergency so that people may exit a building or particular region. Ensuring the security of human life is a necessary step in most construction standards. Emergency lighting is essential; there is no denying it. They aid in making sure that people can safely leave a building in an emergency and guide first responders. 


If your emergency lights aren't lasting as long or working as well as they used to, it's time to replace the batteries. It offers benefits over conventional batteries. Once it is made accessible, anyone may utilize it. JIEYO provides the finest solutions to our client's problems and provides the emergency light battery with a longer life, better performance, and more dependable safety. Our batteries, which are utilized in numerous applications, are made using cutting-edge manufacturing methods from across the world. We wish to update everything by using cutting-edge technology to improve people's lives.