Ultimate Giude On Solar Power Generator vs. Gasoline Generator

28 Feb, 2023

By hqt

Solar vs gasoline power generator

What is a Generator?

A generator is any device, machine, or program that produces something by the given assets. They are spread everywhere and produce something for use. Surprisingly, according to Wikidata the word generator has 10,330 use cases distributed in categories.

In this blog we are going to discuss a power generator among two categories: Solar and gasoline generator. Both of them produce electricity from different sources.

The new type of power generators contain an auto surge protection system. Thanks to AI here that improved smart sensors to turn it off in danger. Of course we are not referring to free v bucks generators that are online programs by AI.

Solar power generator at home

Solar Power Generator

A solar power generator works by charging the batteries using solar panels in sunlight to provide backup on demand. This is an eco-friendly power station system in which an inverter converts the solar energy into electrical energy. Similarly, during consumption, the stored electricity from batteries converts into 220/240V or 110V by the same inverter.

Ultimately the inverter plays a vital role in charging and discharging the batteries for on demand power supply. In addition, these inverters also display fault warnings, full charging , load limit, and surge protection on LCD.

Advatnages of having a Solar Power Generator

A solar power generator has many advantages, ultimately its versatile use is the biggest advantage.

  1. The solar power generator provide eco friendly backup
  2. It is enough providing backup to entire house
  3. Moreover, it doesn't need any regular maintenance
  4. The electricity backup can be increased by adding the number of batteries
  5. It is versatile to work in summer and winters non-stop!

Disadvantages of a solar power generator

We will cover the honest reviews about the disadvantages of a solar power generator. So, here are the disadvantages of using it:

  1. They are expensive to purchase because of batteries
  2. Usually, the lithium batteries are used to provide long-backup
  3. The charging is disturbed during cloudy weather
  4. In winters the backup is reduced due to less heat from sunlight
  5. In strong winds solar panels can tear off.
  6. Takes lot of space for batteries and panels

Use cases of a Solar Power Generator:

A solar power system can be used in many ways just like:

  1. It can be used in house by installing solar panel on terrace or roof
  2. They are good source of electricity that require only one-time investment
  3. Industries can rely on their own electricity generation system using solar
  4. It can be used without batteries to provide real-time power backup during daytime
  5. There is a huge variation in choosing batteries.

Traditional or Gasoline Generator

These power generators uses gasoline or diesel to run and produce power. They are traditional generators that are cheaper but louder. Additionally, it is equipped with an engine that rotates the dynamo motor, connected to a capacitor, rally and breakers. Hence, the greater the output load is the more fuel engine will consume. The RPM of the engine fluctuates on an appropriate level depending on the output load requirement. However, overloading the gasoline generator causes it to power-off.

That's because the greater the load you add on a generator the more load on a dynamo motor generating more flux ultimately becomes difficult for the engine to rotate it. Hence, the engine is turned off to avoid any breakage. 

Advantages of having a Gasoline Power Generator:

There are many advantages of having a gasoline power generator some of them are listed as:

  1. Gasoline power generator is often cheaper to buy
  2. It can provide a stable long power backup
  3. It bear load of air conditioner or machines easily (depending upon the output load in KVA)
  4. Some of them come with auto start and stop feature
  5. They are best in industries, hospitals and colleges.
  6. They come in huge variety, size, capacity, features and output load capacity. 

Disadvantages of having a Gasoline Power Generator

Again, we will try our best providing the disadvantages of using a power generator based on consumers’s reviews.

  1. It creates lot of noise >50dB and smoke 
  2. It needs maintenance that can be costly sometimes
  3. The increased fuel prices may add the running cost and oil changing cost.
  4. There’s danger of fuel catching fire or any broken fuel pipe can cause severe hazards
  5. They are heavier to carry or transport.
  6. The gasoline power generators can run only outdoors.

Use Cases of Gasoline Power Generators:

Following are the common uses of a gasoline powered backup system

  1. It can be operated at colleges, hospitals, or banks where backup is crucial
  2. Small generators can be carried along for electricity
  3. The ATMs and elevators can be standby generator

Comparing Solar Power and Gasoline Power Generator:

Solar Power GeneratorGasoline Power Generator
CostExpansive to buyCheaper to buy
OperatingEasy operation with automatic systemCan be complex or require technician
BackupDepends upon battery capacityDepending engine+dynamo capacity
Life spanGuarantee can be made No guarantee can be promised
EmissionNo emission thus eco-friendlySmoke thus not eco-friendly
CapacityUsually 1000W-5000W (100-500Ah)Usually 1KVA - 5KVA (1000W - 5000W)


A generator is a thing that produces something when required. It can be a software like free v bucks generators or it can be a power generator that we discussed; Solar or gasoline power generator. Both of them offer backup with different technology and storage assets. In addition, solar generators use inverters to convert solar energy to electrical energy stored in either batteries or used real-time. In contrast, gasoline generators used fuel to run engines and produce electricity.

Hence, the merits and demerits depend on each use case and requirement. 

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